About me

I create positive experiences through purposeful strategy, design & technology.

Get to know me

Design is my passion

I am a highly ambitious, strategic creative graphic and web designer based in Chester, Cheshire. Delivering engaging design and innovative marketing solutions, which work effectively for a wide range of applications in both above and below 'the line' environments.

What makes me tick? To think in 'pure design and marketing' terms for all my clients, shaping their thinking, not just reacting to it. Helping clients capitalise on the opportunities offered by digital screen and print media.

I am obsessed with design and innovative technologies. It's what gets me out of bed in the morning (besides a beautiful Guatamala coffee). I thrive on understanding basic concepts and ideas in order to execute user-driven solutions. My creative process is very in-depth… I start every project by thoroughly researching my client's business needs, before arranging my collective research into notes, moodboards and sketches. Starting each project this way allows me to develop something that clearly communicates my client's brand message.


When I'm not busy designing I can normally be found on twitter tweeting about all things creative, playing with my kids Ruby and Ralphie (AKA Captain Chaos), sweating in the gym, hill walking, cycling, listening to electro funk and collecting James Bond memorabilia, hey who doesn't want to be Bond!

Please download a copy of my CV