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invis360 branding and packaging
invis360 branding and packaging
invis360 branding and packaging

Brand identity and packaging design, for a new action camera brand

Capture your adventures from every angle

I was given a brief by Tactus who specialise in a range of tech products including mobile phone, tablet and laptop accessories. They were introducing a new product to their range which included a 360 HD action camera and a VR Headset. The product was targeted at consumers who wanted to capture every experience in all directions.

The brief was to develop a new brand identity together with a strap line that would promote the new product and stand out from the range of products that are currently on the market. I developed an identity that would emulate the primary action of the camera in a clever typographic mix.

As a significant new brand in action camera technology, Cactus saw an opportunity to launch an innovative new product that would capture magical moments in stunning HD 360 video.

The second part of the brief was to create a strong packaging solution for the new product. I created a triangular benefit-led design and unique packaging identity that would shout the loudest on the shelf.

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