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Free trial landing page

Moneypenny are one of the leading providers of telephone answering services. They provide a premium service where the client is provided with their own Moneypenny PA who answers their calls as if based in their office. There is a free trial on offer which provides the client with a first hand experience of what they will receive if they buy into the product.

Currently the free trial is set up as an enquiry form in which the user can fill in their details and a sales person will then contact the prospective client to discuss and explain the details of the free trial. After thinking about the logistics of this sequence it became apparent that a better user experience could be implemented. Why not explain on the site what is involved in the free trial to the user in order for them to gain more information straight away and in turn increase and speed up potential conversions. I developed a landing page that explains the intricate details of the process in a more visual and informative interpretation.

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