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Inside Tri Show logo design
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Inside Tri Show apparel design
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Inside Tri Show

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The Inside Tri Show is the number one triathlon podcast featuring professional endurance athletes, researchers in the health and fitness world, age goup triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers, and all types of endurance athletes plus coverage of races and other triathlon events. Every week on the Inside Tri Show Podcast you'll hear fun, engaging and informative endurance-related conversations led by Helen Murray.

Helen is an exercise specialist based in Cheshire. She works in Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation for MOVE Charity and also coaches triathlon. Her enthusiasm and passion to encourage others to lead an active, healthy and happy lifestyle is infectious.

Helen is also a broadcast journalist turned popular triathlon podcaster, host, writer and editor. She has worked at major sporting events around the world, including two Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and two Commonwealth Games.

Helen asked me to come up with a simple concept that encapsulates her approach, and communicate it through her website and media channels. I was approached by Helen to help her to refocus the podcasts brand style and create a more professional approach as well as communicate the effectiveness and impact she has on her listeners.

The key function for the logo was simplicity. The design uses an icon to portray agility and movement the three shapes symbolises the three levels of the triathlon including swimming, cycling and running together to portray balance and strength. We created a simple logotype identity that has instant impact. A bold sans serif font was used to give a contemporary look and provide longevity.

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